A Copenhagen Mansion’s History

As a child, I loved to visit the Copenhagen City Museum, which now houses a new venue for musical performances.

The new museum on Copenhagen history has moved to a mansion close to our National Museum. The nearest Metro station is Gammel Strand, which is in central Copenhagen.

Gammel Strand Metro station with the Fisherman´s wife in front of the canal and Christiansborg Castle Church

I forgot to take a photo from outside as the wind was chilling and temperatures low that day. The mansion looks like a temple inside. It was a public trustee institution and the authority of child welfare organisations in its original use. They might have used some of the money they took care of for the beautifully designed interior of the building?

In my days of working in Copenhagen as a health visitor, the street name Storm Street gave me bad associations. It was in the 1980s. The address where the museum is now situated was a headquarter for finding housing for poor families. The waiting list was long, and I never heard of anybody who received a flat through them.

The exhibition on Copenhagen’s history was fascinating and set up in a new minimalistic way. On an old telephone, I could dial a number and overhear a conversation between a health visitor and a doctor about the needs of poor families in her district. Somehow the origin of our profession has had something to do with this former institution. I didn’t get a photo from the outside of the building, but plenty from the inside and views from the windows.


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