Ordrupgaard Collection

We have a treasure at this museum a few miles north of Copenhagen

#1 Danish Golden Age painters in the original building

#2 Special exhibition on Swedish Anders Zorn autumn 2021

#3 French impressionist paintings owned by Ordrupgaard in a new building beneath the ground

The Gauguin baby head has a story. Paul Gauguin was married to a Danish woman and lived for a few years in Denmark. The modelled baby head has stayed in her Danish family, and for many years it was decorated at Christmas with a red hat like the elf on the shelf. Fortunately, the museum got the piece of art.

I apologise for not having posted as regularly as before. Last autumn at the time of visiting this museum, I got a new computer very different from the old ones I was used to. I couldn’t edit or photoshop my pictures or even find them. Henry, my husband, bought me a new old-fashioned computer so that I can continue on.


  1. I wanted to say that the “Sunlight” was brilliant but then there were more. And more. How exquisite. Now I must get up tomorrow and take you to see the Ballarat Art Gallery.


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