Summer Adventures With Public Transportation

This summer, my daughter gave me a one-week train pass to use infinitely for a week. I used it intensely most of the first week of July. Going by car for years, I needed to learn which track the train departed from and if the destination was correct. Gas prices have increased so much that I learned to use public transportation. I enjoyed having an app that could show me when specific transports were due.

I often go to Silkeborg, which is less than an hour’s drive from where I live. As I went to the station, I found a memorial stone for a young resistance fighter. With the car, I would hardly see that spot.

War Memorial for Kaj Andersen 1923-1944 Twenty-one-year-old student of theology died here during the fight for liberty.

On another occasion, I went back to Silkeborg by car. My grandson’s adorable sweater was forgotten at a veteran train event two days earlier. I was so lucky to find it at the café at the veteran train station, and on my way back, I took a scenic road through forests and lakes. The Silkeborg is also called the Danish Lake District. Again, I passed by a sign with a memorial stone along the forest road.


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