A Paradise for Chamber Music Festivals

We return nearly every year to the Hindsgavl Estate for a chamber music festival. The organiser has had difficulty arranging everything without knowing what restrictions he might encounter for travelling musicians. This year we could breathe freely without having to show any health passports before entering the restaurant or concert hall.

The musicians and concertgoers like to mingle with each other as we have our meals together in a big tent. Much of the greens and vegetables come from the estate’s gardening.

The food and music are excellent, and we can only manage to be there for a few days. It’s pure luxury. Fortunately, I can take running exercises along the coast while Henry returns to the war memorial stones nearby. He knows too well that he is behind in writing his blogs.

The organiser 2001 of the Chamber Music Festival, Bernard Villaume, explains the festival in this three minutes video.

At home, we have been swamped as Airbnb hosts. People have come to our house from different countries as far as Australia. A few weeks ago, we had a world championship in horse dressage, and there was a shortage of hotel rooms in our town. It’s been fun to meet so many different people; some became like friends and family.

Finally, Henry and I are going to England next week. We want to visit Churchill’s two homes, Blenheim near Oxford and Chartwell in Kent. Those visits will inspire me for blogs on that subject.

I apologise for not being very faithful in writing lately.


  1. I’ve been to both Blenheim and Chartwell – you’ll love them! Hopefully our drought conditions won’t have done too much harm to their gardens, as they are as much worth a visit as the houses.

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