Heavy metal

Photo taken in Manchester 1970

Photo taken in Manchester 1970


As a young person and an adult I have suffered a lot from consequences of the dentist using amalgam or heavy metal in the teeth fillings. What made it worse was that my father loved to use a lot of strong dilutions making a lot of different things in our cellar under the house. Wooden things and things made by metal. The result was that I never felt fresh. After many years I found out that the amalgam had to be taken out. in the 1990s I lived in Sweden with my 4 children and Sweden was far ahead of Denmark in regard to understanding this health problem. Some years later the symptoms were coming back and I got new treatments by a very wise Danish doctor by American origin. He had a medication that could neutralize the amalgam poison.I will never forget a story he told his patients getting treatment with high doses C.vitamin.
He said that a diet of “gladiator kost” would help to lower the risk of cancer from poisoning us. “Kost” in Danish is food or diet. Skeletons from strong gladiators had been found in antique graves and from analyzing their bones these strong healthy young men had lived on a diet consisting of dry beans, chickpeas and lentils and porridge made from barley.
I am always thinking of this, when I often make dishes from these foods. You prevent cancer and you live longer and stronger. It´s possible to make a variety of dishes like humus and gratin or mixed in Salads. I am sure children would appreciate it too as long as its made in an attractive way.

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