“Gladiator Diet”

As a young person I have suffered a lot from the effects of dentists using amalgam in my fillings. I didn’t know why I was feeling constantly tired. It was like I needed to rest in the day time like an old person. How should I manage a full-time job?

My father loved to make every thing by him self in the cellar. That meant exhume from strong deludes coming up through the house. That of course made it worse for me.

I lived in Sweden in my early forties and in that country they were far advanced in acknowledging the danger of quick silver or amalgam. I got it all out and felt very weak just after every filling was exchanged. It helped a lot, but the difficulties of sleeping were still very present.

I got in contact with an American doctor educated in Denmark and he was able to give me treatments to neutralise the poison. One of the treatments was high dose  of C vitamin.

I sat in his clinic together with a lot of cancer patients getting the same treatment and he would come in and tell us about something he called “Gladiator diet”.

In the Former Roman Empire skeletons from gladiators had been found and their bones were very strong and healthy. The scientist had found that they lived on a simple diet from the countries around the Mediterranean Sea consisting from dried beans, chickpeas, barley and vegetables.

I always think about his wise words making food from dry beans. Just imagine that you nourish your cells to resist cancer!

From one Heart to Another

As a young person and an adult I have suffered a lot from conseqvences of the dentist using amalgam or heavy metal in the teeths fillings. What made it worse was that my father loved to use a lot of strong delutions making a lot of different things in our cellar under the house. Wooden things and things made by metal. The result was that I never felt fresh. After many years I found out that the amalgam had to be taken out. in the 90-thies I lived in Sweden with my 4 children and Sweden was far ahead of Denmark in regard to understandig this health problem. Some years later the symphoms were coming back and I got new treatments by a very wise Danish doctor by American origin. He had a medication that could neutralize the amalgam poison.I will never forget a story he told his patients getting treatment…

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