An Extraordiary Day

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Today Was a Good Day.”


I have noticed that I function better among people in real life after all this writing practice.  I started to blog one and a half-year ago, writing from my heart on different subjects, challenged by the different writing and blogging courses from WordPress.

Through all the years I worked as a Health Visitor I have somehow pressed my own needs down, it was never well seen from the authorities in charge of the education and who authorized us, that we should show very much of your own life.

A day consisted of visits to different homes, administration at an office and co-operation with other groups of professionals guiding the families in different ways.

When I stopped working I needed to write and write and write and now I have started to make more contacts outside my world, even small talk as I know it’s important just to show that you are human. I can measure my success in that way that I don’t judge myself so hard after a conversation and my flow of speech is so much more fluent. I am really grateful for WordPress that arrived for me at the right time.

Yesterday I sat at my training center after a class of Aqua Gym occupied with a news paper as one of my favorite trainers from a Pilates class came over to me and just started a conversation. Lene is a nurse at intensive care and we have said hello to each many times at another training center where we both attended years ago. She did this gesture in such a natural way as if we knew each other well and we talked for a long time. Today I went to her class and admitted that I “talk” more to people on social medias than to people in person and that I had enjoyed it so much yesterday.

You may think that this is a strange story, but as an introverted person I find it difficult to take a lot of this kind of initiative. I have been so trained in listening to all the families’ life stories that to bring my story along is a serious matter.

Ceramics by Bjorn Wiinblad

I took this photo at a special exhibition on Wiinblad’s art at “Arken”. I am the little on in the front left.  

Soon for a year I have taken the One Word Challenge : Integrity and once a month I have written an update on that as I have trained to stick to my beliefs and not be ashamed of who I am.

In 2016 I will try something else. I think I will challenge myself to get even more in touch with old and new friends.

I have not given up my dream of having a private practice offering Health visiting for young families. I have created a visiting card and a Danish blog page on the this purpose.

Baby på vægt


To complete today’s task at the writing101 course I found and old draft long time wanting to be completed.







  1. Maria, you mention being somewhat of an introvert… There is a WONDERFUL book written by Susan Cain entitled “Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a world that can’t Stop Talking” …. I initially picked it up for a friend, but as I leafed through the first few pages, I realized that I could see myself in there as well. The keen ability to listen is a very valuable skill and often associated with introversion – however, she says that introverts behave like extroverts in situations / activities that they are passionate about. If you have a chance to read it it’s quite good. Very much enjoyed this post & this window into your world! Cheers!


    • O Mike I read it some years ago and I felt great comfort as I was still working and understood why I felt it a waste of time to attend meetings and coffee breaks. A lot of empty talk from the same people and seldom goods results from the staff meetings

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      • I know what you mean… There were times I felt like I must’ve been something of an “oddball” (especially since I was much more extroverted in my 20’s). I would wonder what had happened to me… but then her book encouraged me that our what we contribute is equally as valuable, it’s just different in nature.
        *Phew… What a relief! I’m not an oddball after all* 🙂

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      • It looks great Maria. It’s always good to see progress in different areas of our life. In truth… we never stop learning and your habit of self-expression is evidence of that. No doubt you’ll see it affect your offline interactions as well. Good for you! Tillykke!
        (How did Google translate do at translating ‘congratulations’ into Danish?) 🙂

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