Why so Sensitive as a New Mother?

The first time with your new-bornĀ is unique.

one week old baby

You feel everything very intense. Your senses are wide open. Why is it so very exhausting?

This post might be useful for someone now during a week of “Safe motherhood” #SafeMotherhoodWeek” which is the first week of October.

If it weren’t so, you would not be able to understand your baby and meet his many needs. Very young babies are not able to express themself in a varied way as the nervous system is developing in the interaction with the parents.

The side effect is that you, as a new mother is compassionate towards the spoken words of relatives and friends. I think also a father can be acutely hurt too by questions and things that are just said without much thought.

Everybody seems to have an opinion on how to manage babies. The new parents must decide who they want to listen to and what to do with pieces of advice that are wrong and hurtful.

I would compare the situation with food. The protein molecule from the breast milk is vast and passes over in the inner parenchyma with all the right things needed for ideal growth.

If some other kinds of food came down too early, it would cause a lot of pain.

Ask the young parents about their needs and they will express what they are worried about or what kind of help they would appreciate.

Wrong placed words will, unfortunately, never be forgotten.

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