Integrity is nothing you just have as a gift from birth. I acknowledge that some people seem to have a greater amount of this character trait than others. Loving parents, who were able to talk with their child on many subjects and helping to understand even hard things coming against their child are a wonderful ground to stand on.

Last month I told you my views on hindrances in obtaining a state of integrity. Fear is a huge reason. Honesty is a part of integrity. Nobody goes through life without having made lots of mistakes. Some with great consequences for the closest family.

I will be honest to say that I regret having chosen the wrong solutions sometimes in the important matter if bringing up my children.

When my children were small I had a friend who I looked up to very much. She was from another country so the concept of norms were different and she seemed to be a completely other kind of character than I. She demanded a very high degree of well behaving and got and have wonderful skilled children. I demanded the same, but lacked the pedagogical abilities to explain things in details for my children, who even lacked the love and presence of a father. I was very afraid that my children should be rude and bad behaving. What I didn’t understand then was the great need to express love and understanding in the difficult situations. I got too sad about bad and aggressive behavior and that somehow pushed us apart creating anger and loneliness in the children.

Soon many years have flown away and these things are hard to mend as a childhood is a certain period.

I have tried to make up for this by saying “I am sorry for having been too hard on you”. I don’t think this process is completely finished yet.

I can’t do this alone so I will quote from Romans 5:4 The Amplified Bible

– And endurance develops maturity of character ( approved faith and tried integrity). And character produces the habit of joyful and confident hope of eternal salvation.

Thank you to Lisa in Rebirth of Lisa for creating this one word challenge.

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