Memories from Tivoli in Copenhagen

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initiated by blogger “TinyExpats´s” blogging event I will take you to Tivoli in Copenhagen. It started as an amusement park in 1843 by Georg Carstensen.

The original ideas remain intact and many traditions date back to the first years of Tivoli’s existence the performing artists, fireworks, live music, pantomime theater, the Tivoli’s Boys Guard etc.


My first memory of an annual event visiting the fine garden with my parents was from 1955, when I was four years old. My father was very keen on taking a few, but good pictures.

We had never tasted candy floss but our neighbor’s grandchild Ole liked it very much. I remember the sight of Torben’s and mine lying in the waste paper basket. We had to give up.

Later on I have a vivid memory from having tried the old roller coaster. My father told me that my face had a glow of white and green. I hardly ever went back to these wild things.( My vestibular sense was not trained at all as a premature child.) We got about five kroner less than a dollar to spend, so after that I bought a little glass animal and I still have the first one a small blue elephant. I appreciate the fine flower beds, the illuminations, the Classical concerts and the old Pantomime Theater with traditions centuries back. Watch a bit from the YouTube if you would.

A little glass elephant bought in Tivoli about 1958

A little glass elephant bought in Tivoli about 1958

Later on in my youth I went there to look at foreigners to get inspired by their clothes. In the mid-sixties it was still very difficult to buy modern teenage clothes. The fashion came mainly from London. I looked and found a cotton coat and I made a sketch of it on a paper napkin. My neighbor at home was a tailor and she helped me to draw a pattern and taught me to make dresses. Even the materials were difficult to get in a proper quality, but I was so happy to develop my style.

Some of the dresses and a coat I had seen. My brother and I at home in 1966


I have been to Tivoli with my children in the 1980s 1990s


I don’t come so often any more, but at Christmas time we were there with our grandchild watching the Nutcracker ballet and afterwards getting pancakes with soft ice in a café I have known all my life.



  1. This is a wonderful story. I have sewed much of my life, but I have never sketched a design and had a pattern made that I would then sew. That is a wonderful story.


    • We could get nothing that I liked. I was very critical and I could see if anything was smart and new. I was so lucky to have this neighbor who didn’t do the work for me, but showed me. I have a picture of the cotton coat, but I have to scan it first. I ran after the young foreigner to be able to draw it.

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  2. The Tivoli Gardens are world famous. It is nice to see your photos.
    I’m impressed with your dress designing! I have always worked from a pattern, and even then it can be complicated.


  3. My short story from the first time to visit Tivoli. In summer 1962, I picked huge amount of blueberries with my best friend and sold them on a market. The money we earned, we used for a boat trip from Helsinki to Copenhagen. When finally in Copenhagen and in a tram to the center, we had no idea where to stay overnight. People were sitting on benches, which were on the both side of corridor, and they all helped us to find the best accommodation for two young boys who were for the first time on travel abroad. We decided for YMCA.

    Tivoli was the place, which we visited may times and Pagoda was my favorite building there. It was so interesting to see such a building.

    My memories from Copenhagen stay yet today in my mind. Happy weekend.


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