Serially Lost Part Two / Bombing of the German Headquarter in Copenhagen


In response to the Prompt from the ninth of April in the Writing Course 101:

 Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.

I suddenly struck me that the 9 of April was a day of great loss and shame for my country Denmark. We and Norway were occupied by the German Nazi regime on that date 75 years ago. The Germans had rearmed for years without anybody interfering and our government had disarmed our military to such a degree, that we couldn’t defend ourselves.


We lost 16 soldiers in that morning in a completely hopeless and uneven fight.

A new film has been made to honour the fallen soldiers from that date. See the link here to see it if you would: 9 April.

Slowly mostly young people from about nineteen to thirty years old found ways to organize themselves in resistance groups and a cooperation was created between them and the British SOE (Special Operation Executive) a secret service under Winston Churchill. Older people participated too of course.

All over Denmark, you will be able to see the graves of many RAF pilots and airmen on the Church yards. Everything is kept beautifully until this day. (There are an App “Airmen.DK” where all the war graves can be found.) 300 air planes crashed over Denmark and we have about 1200 graves.

9 april i Fælledparken

The Germans were not welcome of April 1940ed at Kastellet 9th