An Autumn Walk in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen

Whenever I go back to Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, which is surrounded by Copenhagen, my thoughts go back to my youth when I went around everywhere on my bike. I also get images of walking around with my children in prams or later running around in the park or playground as I lived there for some years in the 1980s.

On one side of Frederiksberg Garden is another park for gardening

Today’s blog shows pictures from a Royal Park called Frederiksberg Have, which is Garden in Danish.

On our way to that park, we passed by a War Memorial for a tragic bombing of a French School on 21 March 1945, where 86 children and 18 adults died by mistake. Please look up my earlier post on that event. Many children drowned in the school’s basement as their teachers led them there as the bombings began.

The Monument for the bombing of the French School

One of the engraved stones around the monument with the names of the young victims

In between the memorial and the Frederiksberg Garden are a remarkable baroque church and adjacent old churchyard. From Wikipedia

Frederiksberg Kirke) is the oldest church building in the Frederiksberg district of Copenhagen, Denmark. Completed in 1734, it is built to an unusual octagonal design in Baroque style. It is situated at Frederiksberg Runddel in front of the main entrance to Frederiksberg Gardens, on the corner of Frederiksberg Allé and Pile Allé,

Frederiksberg Church

Thank you for following me on this sentimental walk. I was ill last week and wasn’t able to create a post.

Thinking about the uncertain and dangerous times of WWII, we are again in a war. This time it’s a war on information and disinformation or a fight between good and evil


  1. Oh Maria. Didn’t we learn anything about war back then. It is often the children who suffer the most even if they don’t understand. And today there are those who want to do nothing but create more problems.
    But how beautiful are the gardens that survive and regrow no matter how we treat them.

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    • Thank you so much, dear friend, for commenting on my post. I find it difficult to grasp that most people pass by these war memorial without a thought about what was going on back then. A few pupils escaped the building by not obeying the orders of their teachers to go to the basement. Those who survived were not supposed to talk about the traumas of losing friends and siblings. The authorities thought they should just forget about it

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