Hans Heister, a relative to my aunt and uncle who was in the resistance movement with them during WWII, wrote a small book on the same subject. He starts with a quote from Adam Lux (27 December 1765 – 4 November 1793) was a German revolutionary and sympathiser of the French Revolution.

Even if we fail or perish, our efforts must lead to some result. When so many seeds are sown, some plants must come up. Posterity will blame those who remain idle in a time like this. I do not wish to incur in that blame.

Adam Lux

Heister survived the war by a miracle as he escaped the Shell Huset that was the object of Royal Airforce bombing as the German occupiers were about to get hold of all the Danish resistance, and the files with their names were stored in that house. It was used as a prison as well. An excerpt from that blog post linked above:

On the 21. of March 1945 20 Mosquitos and 30 Mustang air crafts from the RAF came in three waves flying very low,15 meters, and in awful weather.  Six planes were lost and 9 airmen. 125 Danish civilian lives were lost included 86 school children. One of the air crafts had hit a light pole and had crashed and created a big fire. Some of those that followed in the next wave thought that it was the target and placed all their bombs there.

While waiting for his destiny at the prison, Heister found this quote handwritten on a magazine at the prison ‘restroom’. The prisoners had their morale strengthened by words like that. The author admits that they didn’t think about the reactions of posterity when they entered the fight. They did as a necessity. Heister did suffer from awful headaches for the rest of his life from the fall from the prison building.

Heister and his wife in 1956 in Esbjerg, Denmark. Photo my uncle LP

I believe that we now live in a time where the few give up everything for the rest to fight for nearly lost freedoms like freedom of thought and speech, the right to decide if you want to become tested or vaccinated while healthy.  We in Denmark already have some new political prisoners who dared to speak up against our government’s handling the pandemic.  

My uncle L.P. took some rare photos late in the war and at the liberation. More on my aunt during the war.

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