Treasures Hidden in a Cigar Box

As I child I liked to explore the things my mother had in her drawers and cupboards. I was an expert also in opening the door to where my father kept his dark chocolate without a sound.

The cupboard I am writing about. My parents bought new furniture when they married in 1948

The cupboard I am writing about. My parents bought new furniture when they married in 1948



I was inspired to this post by a fellow blogger mariegriffith in Full-Time who wrote about her little treasures mostly from her daughter’s jewelry. She got inspired from the subject Symbols on photo challenge  

In two drawers in the same porcelain and “chocolate” cupboard were all her things used for sewing and repairing. In a wooden cigar box full of buttons old buttons were kept.



The box came from my grandmother who was still alive in my childhood. I suppose she wanted to help my mother to be able to repair things in her new situation as a married woman. At that time everything was mended and nothing was thrown out. The box had a special smell from the very light kind of wood it was made from and still have it, though not so strong as then. I took it with me after my mother died 7 years ago. I just couldn’t throw it out even though today not much is mended and if I need new buttons they can’t be found there anyway.


In the drawer together with the box were the pair of scissors that made a certain dry sound when cutting the material for doll’s or later on to dresses made to myself in my teenage years.

As I child I learnt to knit with rolls of yarn from that drawer. Before I could knit or crochet, I just wanted once to feel the nice cream-colored roll of yarn in my hand and squished it. I never did that again as a needle was hidden in there.

I like to hide dark chocolate in a cupboard just as my father did then.


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