A lesson Learnt from Running at a New Place Abroad

I enjoy to run where ever I am at home or on journeys and normally it goes on without complications. I feel more connected to the area when I run and other runners greet me on the way, only not so much at home in Jutland. That’s a part of Denmark where people seem to be very shy and if the greet you it’s nearly invisible.

I am from Copenhagen and even after twenty years in Jutland I am still surprised of the reaction. (I have posts on cultural differences.)

Denton Hall in Low Row near Brampton

Denton Hall in Low Row near Brampton

In June our holiday went to the North of England and we had found a wonderful B&B very close to the famous Roman Hadrian wall. The house was from the 1400s ! Placed out in a field surrounded by horses. Old and still totally updated and modern and fresh.

We were greeted by a little white curly dog called Muffin, the landlady Carole and her daughter Olivia who had a living from the horses teaching riding and a special kind of therapy. The horses would react to the emotions of the one who is riding and then Olivia would talk to the client about the specific reaction on the horse and in that way the client would learn how she or he was looked by other people. Just imagine how we would all improve if we tried that.

Olivia's horses

Olivia’s horses

To my surprise we were offered five o’clock tea with “Red velvet cake”and the hosts took the time to talk with us and we had a lovely conversation.

I had a 17K run to do that day as I follow the  Endomondo  App and that was pre planned to a 17K run. I knew it was a lot so I said

I would run 10K -5 out and 5 home. It shouldn’t be difficult to find my way back.

We had spent some extra time finding the place as any normal Satellite Navigation System would lead you wrong. After some searching for the specific signs written in the email we had found it.

Having started my run in the chilly but nice summer evening I changed my mind so that I would run it all. That would only take me a bit more time. I still thought that I would run straight out and back after half the distance.

I passed lovely fields with cows, sheep and horses and very few houses. Suddenly the road stopped and I was forced to turn left and passed by the Lanercost Priory. It’s a beautiful place with a lot of historical things to see, but when I took the road to the left and  passed it I didn’t know that the name was Lanercost.

The church at Lanercost

The church at Lanercost

I continued right to a charming little town called Brampton and I felt comfortable because we had made a stop there the same afternoon and seen some interesting stained glass windows in a church called St. Martin’s Church. The windows were all in the style of the Pre-Raphaelite Victorian style which I like so much. They look more human than normal church stained glass windows.

The stained glass at St Martin's Church in Brampton

The stained glass at St Martin’s Church in Brampton

I had reached 8 K and knew I had to return. I was still doing good and I came back to Lanercost but then I couldn’t remember where to turn so I chose to turn left  where I thought it would be. Again I saw the hedges and all the farm land and the animals on the field.

I came to a very huge farm and I felt I hadn’t seen that before but as I was now a bit dehydrated my brain wouldn’t alarm me and I continued in good faith. I then passed a bull on the road – not an adult one and he was more afraid of me than me of him. I didn’t like it too much then and wondered if I could meet anybody to ask for the way. I ran further and passed some houses and even saw people inside. Somehow I just didn’t feel like knocking on the door so I ran on. Then I heard a nightingale and that is so rare that I decided to record that.

My run was finished at nearly 18K so I spent some power from my iPhone to film its singing. Then I realised that I didn’t remember the address of the B&B so I looked it up and saw that I had very little power on the phone and of course I had no extra charger. I tried to learn the name by heart because “Denton Hall” would be well-known to anybody around here.

I came to a T road and had to choose a way to take. I chose left –the right said Brampton where I had just been an hour ago. Then I was focused on trying to find some nice local people who would show me the way. I tried some houses, but no one opened, and I was forced to continue. Then at last I found a small village where I saw a couple inside a house. The woman opened the door and seemed to understand quickly that I had lost my way running and wanted help to find Denton Hall. I explained that my phone was about to lose power.

She didn’t let me in I managed to see two big dogs in the living room and her husband and two children. I was offered to ride in her car to my place. I was relieved and a bit confused due to the dehydration that was now worse than before. I was also cold. She started her big truck because, as she said, she wanted to have a good view over the hedges and narrow roads.

She went very fast and it showed up that she had not heard of Denton Hall. She asks me if I had passed Lanercost Priory and I was uncertain as I only knew of a church. We came close to the place where I knew we stayed but I couldn’t see so clear any more and the signs in the ground had utterly disappeared. I think we drove about for an hour while she was still asking me about the names of the locations I had never heard of.

A print from the run

A print from the run

I started to feel exhausted and wanted her to find a place with a WiFi so that I could look up the correct address and even make a phone call. She hadn’t taken her phone with her in the hurry.

We finally returned home at her place and I went in with her. The dogs had their huge beds there and I asked for water and a charger for an old-fashioned iPhone 4S. They had only newer ones but somewhere in the house there was of course a charger for this ancient model. It was connected and it took time to be brought back to life. The internet was not too good at that place so it took time to get online and find the B&B. Then at last she made the magic call and got in touch with my sweet landlady who was just about to call the local police. I was so thankful that this was not necessary.

Then my phone rang and my husband was there. He couldn’t utter a normal word just sounds. I tried to interrupt to say that I was totally all right. It was then arranged that Olivia came and picked me up. I think she was in her pyjamas as she had gone to bed.

She arrived very quickly and we were only a few miles from home. I was so thankful and high and afterwards I enjoyed the warm shower and the sandwiches provided by the landlady.

It showed up that Muffin had taken advantage of our door left open. My husband had been out searching and he had left the door open for me. Muffin had taken the sandwiches, though we didn’t know yet, but were still looking for them. I received an email from downstairs to let us know what the dog had done and the sandwiches we then got were high quality in comparison with the ones from the supermarket we had bought earlier that day.

At three o’ clock in the night I got up to find some more food, normally I never eat during the night.

Olivia and me when we said goodbye

Olivia and me when we said goodbye

This place is so wonderful and I really want to go back and become acquainted with the area and all the sights from the ancient times.

our room at Denton Hall

our room at Denton Hall

The landlords wawing goodbye

The landlords saying goodbye


  1. What an adventure! And you always take photos too.i have an upcoming blog about how I couldn’t find where I lived with a car full of toddlers.

    Right now i’m in Colorado, climbing up to Aspen at 8800 feet, drinking lots of water hoping that the altitude won’t get tp me. My old school roommate is having 80th birthday party so i decided to come to the beautiful Rocky Mountains. This shuttle has wifi.

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