Day 6 Assignment: The Space to Write

Where do I write ?

I prefer to write in my kitchen. I am sure I share that habit with many other bloggers all over the world. The coffee and fridge are at hand and that is a nice thought, not to run out of fuel.

I sometimes spend time at our marvelous new library in my town where a lot of computers are set up for our use.

What equipment do I have ?

  •  I have two dictionaries on a shelf, one Danish-English and the Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English.
  • My note pads where many ideas are put down as soon as they arrive in my mind
  • I listen to classical music from my DAB radio player
  • I use both computer, my iPhone and my iPad. Sometimes one is better than the other and as my photos are an important ingredient of my posts I need the photos all the time.
  • I have just downloaded the app Simplenote and Mesh as recommended from our helping staff at the writing course.

My note pads in the kitchen


Mesh is collecting pictures that are very easily shared in a post and Simplenote is a place for making drafts. The last thing is new to me. I usually make new drafts in the Word Press system so maybe that’s an unnecessary thing.

  • I use the (ABC) proofread Writing button before I press the Publish button.

When do I write ?

I write during the day and the evening since I retired from my full-time job last year and it seems to me like a very nice substitute for a job. I sometimes make a blog post while travelling, waiting at an airport or at a hotel room. That’s why its good to be used to iPhone or iPad being away from home.

Now I include a poll, something I never thought of doing, but as we are encouraged to try in our task today I will dare to do it.

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  1. Wonderful place to write. I do mine in my bedroom,I’m too lazy to move my computer; although I agree kitchen is a better place; because all the food and drink is within reach. 🙂


  2. Love your page format! I thought it would be hard to read – all bright and stuff (so unlike my page-lol) but it isn’t at all 🙂


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