Rose in monochrome

I was reading the blog roll of those I follow and then these beautiful pictures of roses came up. The creations of Susan Ruston. Have a look with me please

Susan Rushton

Rose photograph

This is a close up photograph of the pink petals of an English rose called ‘Wildeve’, one of my favourites rose models. I don’t have a macro lens, just a button to press, which gives me less control than I’d like on the depth of field. When I cropped the image tightly to cut out the green leaves for this week’s Daily Post challenge Monochromatic, the texture of the petals seemed a bit too fleshy or shiny in places (almost like a weird ear. I wondered for a while whether to confess this as I can imagine everyone teasing me and saying ‘where’d ya get that idea?’, but then I thought ‘Just tell them, you’re among friends here’).

I wanted to purge the ear effect so I decided to play around with the image in Photoshop to see if I could soften it and make it more painterly.

Rose photograph with spatter effect

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  1. My imagination went wild here. “how beautiful,” I thought at the first photo. Then I began to see the outer petals folding me into the center that would swallow me. The second photo had sawtooth edges that would cut me first. i must be having a bad day!


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