Day 10: Update your readers over a cup of coffee

I planned to write this post at our newly renovated library where a nice café is at the front. I went to look for a book and had a look into the café. I had never been there and the place was full of elderly women having chats and a coffee! I would feel more relaxed at home with coffee ad libitum.

I like to go to a café on travels and in other countries, but in your own town and alone? That felt awkward.

If we were having coffee now I would tell you that tomorrow my husband and I are going on a trip to an island in Denmark called Funen to look after the birthplace of the father of one of my fellow bloggers Paula Pederson. You will be able to read about him in some of her posts.

We got to know each other last autumn when I was looking for the tag: Danish. I was writing about one of my ancestors who had immigrated to the States in the late 1800s.

Danish Painting on emigrating /Aros museum

Danish Painting on emigrating /Aros museum

If we were having coffee now I would tell you that we got in touch because her father was also an immigrant and pioneer as he is called the builder of the West had built a lot of buildings and works in Seattle and many other places. Paula is working on a book about his extraordinary life. She has never known him personally as he died when she was still a baby.

If  we were having coffee now I would tell you that I think it so wonderful that we have found each other in this blogging fellowship and that it is exciting for us to try to find the farm where he was born and the church where he was confirmed and another church was he had been on a school excursion because of the marvelous view from the tower.

If we were having coffee now I would tell you that I hope the weather will be good tomorrow as it is so much more fun to look at landscape and villages and small country churches when the sky is blue.

From Funen Tåsinge

From Funen Tåsinge July 2012

The famous fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen was also born on Funen in the biggest city there called Odense and Hans Pederson has even lived at the same time as he was eleven years old when the famous author died.

Book by Hans Christian Andersen

Book by Hans Christian Andersen




  1. No you didn’t misspell his name. He is known abroad as Hans Christian Anderson and I just wanted to tell you that his Danish name is H.C. Andersen. So please understand that you are right in your spelling! It is like that with city and country names


  2. I love Denmark! I’ve only visited Copenhagen but it was really impressive. it was the only country that I visited in Europe where I didn’t see any homeless people at least in public. I went to HCA’s graveyard too because I remember his “dark” fairy tale. I was jealous with my Danish friend as she was paid by the government to go to school. What’s the Danish secret? It seems like a very nice place to live

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    • Thank you for liking my country nadya. The secret is high taxes to pay for all schools and most educations. We have problems too, but we are considered a happy people. I come from Copenhagen and still love it, but I live in another part of the country with less dense traffic and houses, but close to the countryside.


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