Day 9 Reinvent the Letter Format

Dear Prime Minister in Denmark L.L.R.

I write to you because I sense that our country is in urgent need of leadership. Some of the many people coming to our European countries are real fugitives, but most of them are young strong men from failed countries in the Middle East and Africa. Entering the holes in the barbed wire they shout their Muslim battle cry.

I am not willing to see my country changed into a country with sharia laws and more “No-Go” areas.

My great worry is that nobody seem to check up on them. Who are they? Who decide in our Western countries ?

To me it seems to be the human smugglers who are so kindly treated by our News media. Our leaders try to agree on sharing the burden of housing the newcomers, but what about the waves of new illegal immigrants coming after these who managed to get in where they benefit the most.

Will you and the other European leaders open up totally or will you let the failed countries be responsible?

I want to support and help the persecuted Christians who are being treated like dirt and many are being executed the most bestial ways without much Media attention.

I voted for you Mr. L.L.R. in the hope of a stricter policy, but I am afraid that I have become very disappointed these last weeks.

Sincerely MH


    • How I wish we could sit together and do it Paula. It’s so difficult to explain just in words how things are done. I was very anxious to make the post about the letter, but it has built up over long time and needed to come out


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