Day 16: Search your stats for a post idea

Today’s assignment on the writing 101 course is to look at our stats to see what posts our readers prefer. I often look at the stats because I find it so interesting to see which countries my readers come from. Most come from the United States, and the rest are Danish and then from many other countries. That’s a privilege to have readers from many countries, and I enjoy it so much.

I didn’t know how to find out about which posts were most read, so I asked our Daily Post Editor Sheri, who brings us our daily tasks. Sheri told me to look at the months and year statistics, and that gave me the insight that my “about page” was number one post and “Nina a mother of Eight” comes next then some posts on old toys.

The little princess was just born after we left Sweden, now a twenty-year-old actress

Image046 (2)

Some might get the idea that Nina’s life is unreal just a fiction. But it’s true. Last week she was accompanying her daughter Tehilla, who is an actress, to London where she was interviewed to a famous magazine. Tehilla had a child role in the Swedish trilogy “the Millennium” as well in another role in “Beyond”. Nina loves to see others blossom and helping in that process she blossoms herself.  I have never seen “The Millennium” as I don’t watch thrillers. I enjoyed “Beyond” as it reminded me of sad stories from my professional work. You follow the meltdown of a Finnish alcoholic family who tries to settle in Sweden in the seventies. Nina’s children seem to be so natural and unspoiled. Nina has her own blog in Swedish, and she likes to explain how she does and what she thinks about bringing up children.

As I am writing this, a trailer from Canada runs in on Facebook, about one of her sons Levi who takes part in a ballet

I enjoy most to write about historical issues and the posts about my own experiences both as a private person and as a Health Visitor having worked in that for about 32 years.

I think it is a sheer chance that decides what posts are being read a lot. Maybe a good title is essential too. I have placed my own favourites in the header because in those I have put my innermost feelings, and they have cost me something to write or have been difficult in the research for the content.

This writing course is bringing me closer to some of you fellow bloggers as we are making posts together or guest blogging or making pingbacks to each other’s posts. I really enjoy this feeling that we work together and encourage each other in this community. We are different ages and gender, and that’s easier here in the blogging sphere than in life.

I put some pictures from a visit today to Aarhus the second largest city in Denmark. I can’t write a post without pictures!


I went because the weather was lovely and I wanted to see my youngest son D who has just started to study law. I wrote about him a year ago in “Sowing in the darkest hour”.

My son

My son

My story is not as glamorous as Nina’s, but I am so happy that my son is alive and active today. No family can have the same story, but we can strive to support our children so that they will choose life.


  1. I see why that is a popular post. It’s fascinating. I’ve also been amazed to see how many nations are represented by my readers. As someone who hasn’t traveled abroad in the physical world, I’m glad to have this opportunity to make contacts here in the virtual one!

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