The Princess and the Pea

Last week I ran a Half Marathon called The Hans Christian Andersen’s race in his hometown Odense in Denmark. For the last eleven years, I have run this kind of race four times a year, and this one was my third. On the medal was an etching on “The Princess and the Pea”. I also saw it as on one of the kilometre signs along the road.

 Illustration by Vilhelm Pedersen

Illustration by Vilhelm Pedersen

I had been in such a suspense the night before because the race start was early in the morning and I am not an early bird and I hadn’t slept at night.

Regarding the race there was nothing to worry about, the hotel had breakfast very early just to please the runners and a shuttle bus took us easily to the sports arena.



My insomnia was also caused by haunting thoughts about the latest school shooting in Oregon and the stabbings and killings in Jerusalem and Judea the days before. Young Christians were killed and Jewish people just celebrating their Sukkot holy days in their own country.

Nothing would bring them back to life by me saddened and worrying about the unsolvable questions for our time. What kind of world are we leaving the younger generations?

Now I know that for the next time in that city. Worrying can’t help anybody.

Roses found in Odense

Roses found in Odense

A glimpse of Odense from the day.


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