Celebrating the blogs I follow #2

As a response to today´s assignment on the new WordPress writing 101 course DAY 2: Write a List,

For many years as a Health Visitor I had a large district full of road names. The families I visited lived in that area. Sometimes I would call those in the district that I hadn’t heard from for a long time. Some were doing good and didn’t need me and others said I called just in a time of need. I can’t compare my fellow bloggers with my district full of new mothers, but the thought of those I follow and those who follow me compensates for this district I once took for granted. Now that lies behind me, but I have many bloggers I follow and today I will draw those to your attention. I will return to this event now and then. I wrote a similar post not long ago.

Some have very specific topics on their blogs. I admire that because I need to write on many subjects. Others are like myself covering many subjects.

When I started blogging in 2014 I thought that Health Care and Baby Care would be my specialty, but the historical and biography topics have a grip on me, though I want to go back to the Health and Baby sphere again. I think I have realized that writing on these subjects in English is a big challenge being Danish.

  • Cynthia Bailey-Rug was born in 1971 in Baltimore Maryland. She is a full-time writer, who is helping people by her writing overcoming the emotional scars from abuse from a narcissistic mother. She has begun to take in other subjects. She has many very useful posts to share with people who want to know more about this type of personal disorder and the effect it has on the children whose parents are narcissistic.
  • Carol Hand born in Baltimore Maryland U.S.A. and her blog “Voices from the Margins”. Carol is a member of the Sokaogon Ojibwe Community in the state of Wisconsin. She has long and fine university educations, has retired  still works for “the voices of resistance”. Please correct me Carol if I got this wrong.
  • Jacqueline Obyikocha is a wordsmith or writer who is interested in a lot of different themes. Her blog is called “A cookingpotandtwistedtales” I often see her comments on my blog (Thank you Jacqueline) and on other blogs as well. So Jacqueline is a very social person. Her blog is full of good texts and fine illustrated pictures and she has an alphabetic list of posts which makes it easier to navigate in the different subjects.
  • Good Music Speaks by Rich Brown who is a composer, musician and lifelong student of music. Rich writes about many kinds of music. I appreciate his posts on Classical Music, which is my favorite kind of music, He has pod casts and series on music. His blog is so popular that he already last year came as “Freshly Pressed” on the WordPress.
  • Paul Militaru has a blog on very fine photos. from his “About” page copied this:

The first school I’ve finished was University of Construction, being construction engineer, and the second one was University of Mathematics and Computer Science. After this one I’ve done Master in Computer Science. The last school was Arts and Technical Photography. The photography fascinated me from childhood, and the first camera, was a Smena, a Russian camera on film. I’ve started to shoot in 1983.

I am always encouraged when I get likes from him, knowing that my photos are nowhere near his standard, though I love to involve photos in my blog posts.

  • Michelle Marie has a blog Tell me about it. Michelle has beautiful photos and illustrations and a very loving attitude towards her fellow bloggers.
  • Mogromo has a blog on historical issues and art. He has a serial on his mother’s brother the Duchman Jan van Boeckel who disappeared in the Nazi kz camps during the end of the war. A very heart-gripping serial on his fate. “Mogromo” I am sorry I don´t know your name, but you found my serial on a deported woman from Estonia, who lost her whole family.


  1. I too am reading Mogromo and his heart-wrenching story. He found one of my Canadian immigrant stories. World-War II stories also draw me. I was a child then. In my book I have 2 of my Dad’s letters from China, right before and after the war which ended his Far-eastern career. A good idea to blog about blogs.

    I will have an e-book and also an audio book, once we catch up on the schedule. My publisher is very up-to-date on e-publishing.

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  2. Thank you, Maria! Now I have many more blogs to explore! I like finding them through known blogs like yours, better than on Freshly Pressed… It’s like getting a personal referral rather than looking up in the phone book or on Google. Hope you are well! 😊

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  3. My goodness. I strolled over to read your post and my name jumped out of the page and startled me. I wear huge silly smile as I type this and I hardly know what to say. Maria, I truly appreciate your words. This was so unexpected and really means a lot. I am happy we met in this space. Kind regards, Jacqueline

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