Compose a series of anecdotes

  • How I have enjoyed to this writing course again. Knowing the questions from last time makes me feel more confident in responding.

Last time I did the writing101 course our internet router crashed just in the last week of the course. It stressed me to go to the library attempting to finish the course there, missing my good chair and the English spelling control. A new and better router arrived a few days later and everything got a happy ending.


  • Today, as I looked at a Facebook update from last year from my page, I realized that the one year old post had lost all its pictures. I felt very bad at that moment fearing what had happened with nearly two hundred posts. My reaction was put into a post immediately in “To my Readers”.

I had got many warnings on my iPhone that the iCloud storage had no more space and suddenly I couldn’t save my pictures. I started to “clean out” all pictures in my photo roll and in WordPress that I had already used in posts and hoped it would make a difference. It didn’t and I paid for an upgrade in iCloud. I use the camera from the phone very much for pictures in my posts. Even for taking photos of the old photos in the family albums.

  • My husband has helped me to recreate all the lost pictures into iCloud again, but the long work to get each one back into the posts has just started. So far I have mended posts six days back. He hardly ever phones me from his work, but today he did feeling so sorry for me.

“You shouldn’t have been so quick in this cleaning job” he said.

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