To my readers

I would like to ask you to be patient with me.

Yesterday I got the message from iCloud that all storage was full and I started to delete a lot of pictures. I thought that those I had used in my posts were just there as a copy, but to my big sorrow they seem to linked to the posts.

I have a big job in recreating my posts. I hope you will stick with me while I go back from post to post.

This is just pictures not a serious sickness. But for me it felt as a great loss.

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    • Yes but then you just pay for more. I thought I could reduce the amount this way. But I didn’t know WordPress well enough. I should have tested by removing just one picture


  1. Oooops, definitely not good. I am very sorry to hear that and I know what it feels like. A few years ago I lost all pictures of a beautiful two week summer vacation. No back-up. Gone forever. My fault. This said, praise to your husband and his helping hand!


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