Wrapping up on integrity

Following tweet inspired my for the last post on a full year’s monthly post on “Integrity” initiated by my fellow blogger Lisa in RebirthofLisa.


Proverbs 11:3

The integrity of the upright shall guide them, but the willful contrariness and crookedness of the treacherous shall destroy them.

It really has helped me to return to the one word challenge word INTEGRITY throughout the year of 2015. It has been a bit like a boot camp with training on the difficult things which now seem easier for me by the training. Instead of becoming tense over something that happens between people close to me in social situations, I try to ask or explain what my intentions are for saying so or doing so.

This has helped me to talk with a clear voice and to look people boldly in their eyes so a big thank you again Lisa for this initiative. So often when we make “great” New Year Resolutions it ends up by just wishing the same should happen next year.


Lisa is an author, blogger, Poet and Freelance Writer


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