Photo Challenge of Things to Come

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I have fought again with insomnia and I found that at my 6 days stay in London I slept so well. Coming home the problem started again. I am very tempted to write from afternoon till late evening. In London I didn’t as it is difficult to make proper posts without the computer. I just collected material and took pictures for the blog enjoying every moment.

After one week at home I thought I would force myself to do something else. More than a year ago I bought material and patterns to make dresses to some of my grand children. I had to get new patterns because they had grown while I just had the material in a bag.

I jumped into it and made two things a dress and a simple jumping suit. I went through all the feelings I had from I was young that I can’t do it nicely and the children or my daughter won’t like it!

I learnt that you will only be good at something if you practice and I was reminded of stop beating myself up for things like : it won’t fit or be used at all, they don’t need it, clothes are so cheap today.


The theme of the challenge is that

 The picture represents the potential of things to come

Could it be that the girls will like the things I made and use them?



  1. I like the ending result… beautiful dress, which kind of reminded me of a quite similar one I had when I was a little girl… {Sigh, as time goes by}…
    Wishing you a great weekend, dear Maria… Regards. Aquileana ⭐️.-

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    • I think I have stopped too. The dress was a bit tight and took me two days to make. Clothes are so cheap here too unless you buy the most exclusive brands. I like writing much more, but it was fun to see if I could still do something out of a piece of cloth


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