Old English Prams

Foto Brian Bergmann Kgl. Bibliotek

Photo Brian Bergmann The Royal Library in Copenhagen

Twice I have been at the Royal Library in Copenhagen to scan the old catalogs from different Danish pram firms from the last century. It’s been so interesting to see the many firms competing on making the most beautiful models. I am sure that those who did the original ones must have been frustrated many times as their models were copied. Many times I can’t tell the difference. The English models have been very fashionable from before the WWII and for a long time after. I found two catalogues among the many Danish firms from the British firm Pedigree. The first is from 1934-35 and the last is from 1967.

They have been sold in Denmark as the catalog is in Danish. We had many firms ourselves so those who bought a pram from overseas must have been able to afford it.

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I found a link for information of the firm “Lines Bros” that made very popular toys, and bicycles as well as prams.

If any of you share my passion for old prams I would like to hear from you and knowledge on the different firms is highly appreciated.

This postcard was bought in one of the Imperial War Museum shops in England

A British model Pedigree from the 1950s

A British model Pedigree from the 1950s



  1. Egen har du skrevet en fin lille artikel, stor tak til dig Maria, det er en nydelse, at se på disse dejlige billeder❤️


    • Skønt at få en kommentar fra dig Dorthe. Har set alt igennem nu på det Kgl. bibliotek og jeg mangler desværre endnu at opklare de sidste mysterier angående de blå vogne


  2. The crib shown at the bottom with Bambi or a different little deer on the end brought back immediate memories of my crib. I don’t remember the color; I assume it was light wooden color like cribs of that era. But I’m sure now that mine had Bambi on the solid end. What a memory!

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