A summer excursion on bikes



Tea and lunch in the garden



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If we were having coffee or tea I would tell you of a spontaneous trip in the forest today in the finest summer weather on this Mother’s Day!

I love to see the nature in just the colour of spring. I am thinking about this very special green from the first leaves of trees and bushes and then the many birds singing. Until last week it was so cold that I wore a woolen scarf and my winter coat. Then in a few days time this week it changed to summer. Normally spring and summer comes gradually in Denmark, but not this year. Summer is here!

The Danish flag is shown in one of the pictures. In Denmark we mark birthdays, bank holidays, big celebrations by flying our flag.


We decided to put our old bicycles behind the car and drive forty minutes to a beautiful town called Silkeborg situated at woods and lakes. I wish you could all come and see it. I know it is too far so I have collected some pictures from our day. I feel hot in my cheeks from the sun and have some pain in my back due to the old bike and having gone 40 kilometers on it. We had a goal to reach an old railway station with a veteran train and then go back.

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The landscape is varied at the former railway track made into a path for horses and bicycles and runners. At some part you go through dense forests and then the landscape opens up to green hills with horses and cows. Then you have small streams and lots of small flowers in the grass. A part is like heather and then at last you arrive at the old station changed into a restaurant.

During the day I got greetings from my four adult children. What a joy. They remember me!

So you are welcome to come to Denmark! Nature is unpredictable so I can’t promise a weather like today unfortunately.


    • We were very slow in comparison with other persons on bicycles. But as our main goal was to be in the nature that didn’t matter. But a new bike would be nice to have though. The one I took with me from my mom is soon 60 years old! So I like to have it for small trips. This was a bit too long for its capacity


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