Wood Works

My blogging friend Clive from England inspired me to make a post on the Danish String Quartet who also performs traditional Nordic Folk music in a new way.

Clive wrote last week about the very resent death of a famous English folk musician called Swarb.

Clive writes:

Does the name Dave Swarbrick mean anything to you? No? I thought not. Swarb, as he was universally known, was a fiddle player, singer and songwriter who was a major part of the English folk music scene for over 50 years. He was well loved and respected by fellow artists in this field, and adored by devotees of this style of music, of whom I count myself one. Although not the only one to do it – and there have been many following in his footsteps – he was one of the first to play an electronically amplified fiddle in a band, taking the place of what would otherwise have been another electric guitar.


When I heard the video clip of his music in Clive’s post I liked It very much and immediately thought of the still young and highly professional four Danish musicians who play all over the world. They formed their quartet when they were about 15 years of age and then called them selves “The Young Danish String Quartet” but after some years the ” Young” was dropped.

©Jens Drejer

Just for fun they also do the folk music. One of them, Rune Tonsgaard was brought up in that folk tradition and the rest are learning and back him up. You can hear their official trailer for their album Wood Works and from a classical concert where they performed three tracks from their album Wood Works. You can read more about them here at their own page in English

They contribute in building bridges to people with little knowledge of classical music by taking part in concerts with the folk repertoire and to use the “Wood Works” as encores after classical concerts and chamber music festivals.


    • I am so glad to hear this. You brought tears in my eyes. It’s so difficult to write about music but now I am encouraged to continue now and then. Next week my husband and I are going to an annual chamber music festival and I will try to put together something from that beautiful old estate building Hindsgavl. The young Danish String Quartet has been musicians of residents or similar at the Lincoln Center and at BBC and plays all over the world

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