This was one of my first posts when I started blogging in August 2014. I decided to give it a try again as I had NO followers back then. I have thought about this subject since I started as a Health Visitor in 1980. Many couples are highly aware of all this, but back then people were more unaware of dangers coming from their own lifestyle. 


What a great thing. A new life is growing inside. What a responsibility!


One can be breathless by the weight of it. But the best is to keep calm and do the best you can to live a healthy life.

  • Try to avoid extra chemistry in the food and in skin products.


  • Treat your self well and your baby will benefit so much. Why risk the health of your baby by smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol ? Every thing you eat and drink will path over to the unborn and create good or not good consequences for your future child. There are so many good kinds of food available to make healthy meals from so I suggest to use as fresh ingredients as possible. Industrialized products should be avoided when possible. You will also benefit your self, living longer and stronger.


  • Ask your doctor or midwife for your country’s recommendations on vitamins and minerals.
  • It’s a wonderful thing also to speak and sing to your unborn child. Just imagine to be born and already know your parents voices and lullabies later sung at bed-time. Such a sense of coherence to know that you belong to just that precious family.

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  1. I am so glad that it’s more and more seldom to see pregnant women smoking cigarets. Some 20 years ago it was still somewhat common. It saddened me so much then and made me feel the helplessness of the defendless unborn child. Imagine to struggle to get enough oxygen to the cells and to grow smaller organs due to this poison. What a waste and a handicapped start in life if at all surviving.


    • So interesting to hear that. Strangely I read a lot of history during my last pregnancy thirty years ago and my youngest son played with knight figures and later history became his great interest

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    • I am so glad to hear your positive response. Congratulations on our coming baby’s arrival. Tell me I can support you in any direction later on too❤️


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