Paula’s Book Release

One of the exciting things about blogging is the sudden windows into other people’s lives and backgrounds far away from yourself. The internet brings us so close together, and it is like we get to really “know” each other.

With Paula Pederson, I almost feel we are family. Her father was a great builder of Seattle, and he died when Paula was one month old. She was never told stories about him, so she has researched his life and is publishing a book about her findings. I had a father’s uncle who immigrated to Seattle too and lived there at the time of Hans Pederson. They may well have known each other as there was a flourishing Danish colony at the time.

Hans Pederson immigrated from Denmark in 1884 and managed to work himself up from a day worker to a building contractor of the West.

I have borrowed Paula’s book cover to make a small advertisement for her upcoming event. If you would keep an eye on her blog, the date will be revealed at that place.

Paulas bog cover

Paula’s Book cover

I am looking forward to reading this book. Stevie Turner, a blogging friend from England, wrote a post about a web page that helps authors to collect their books for others to see and follow.


  1. Thank you Maria! I too feel that we are close enough to be family. You and Henry have also taught me so much about my father’s probable youth in Denmark. Henry’s genealogical research has brought learning not available anywhere else.
    But the book cover is still a long way from the published book. Right now we are going through edits, there will be an index, then printing and ebook. My Seattle publisher, 3000 miles from where I live on the east coast. Historical records are being proven, (Seattle was a wild-west pioneer town). So the launch will be late fall or winter—we don’t know yet.
    ‘ll keep you posted.

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    • I know Paula that it’s not next week but the book cover is really an appetiser for wanting to see the rest and to buy the book. And yes Henry is persevering in finding facts in old files and he is involved in many family stories. I have a friend here in our town whose family members immigrated to the States too and yes he has scanned loads of photos and letters and sent them to a relative in the States.


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