Visit a Design Store in my Town 

I would like to show you a shop filled with modern furniture and design interior things. The name of the store is X-Akt. You can see the many different things here.

It’s tucked away and difficult to find even for me who have lived here for 21 years. It started as an appendix to a gas station but has developed to a big place. People come long distances to look at the things and buy stuff. I bought a white chair that I had on my wish list for a few years. The make is “Hay” and the this chair and many other things from the shop is popular in Copenhagen. 


I bought the white chair

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  1. With your knowledge of art through the ages, you bring these objects to life. I love the white chair at the end, the wooden table, the rocking lamb, and the mirror with you taking the selfie!


    • I am so glad you tell me that you like these things Paula. Your Danish roots let you have the taste we have here in Scandinavia. Much of the desired things are Danish but not all in the shop. I would take you there if you come


  2. Good to hear you picked the white chair; I hope it becomes the right chair for you.
    I’m glad it wasn’t a Wright chair, as too many of his were uncomfortable.

    In merriment,

    Joseph E Fasciani
    Esquimalt, BC.


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