Home Made Bread

I have made it a habit to bake bread rolls from a dough that is made the day before. I put it in the refrigerator or outside the entrance if the temperature is similar to the refrigerator.

Some people have asked me for the recipe so I will try to describe it here.


The grains are soaking in hot water


  • Half a liter mixed grains like rye, sesame seed, chia seed, linseed and sunflower seed mixed with boiled water a table-spoon full of honey and a table-spoon of good quality salt. I sometimes add some bread spices. I let this cool for some hours
  • 15 grams of yeast is dissolved in this mixture in a Kitchen Aid  kneading machine or similar
  • about 800 grams of organic wheat flour
  • The mixture is kneaded for ten minutes in the machine. If the dough is a bit dry or thick I add more water so it will become rather thin and sticky
  • I put it outside or in the refrigerator for the night and take it out in the kitchen in the morning to acclimate a bit.
  • I make two plates of rolls and the dough is not so sticky after all these hours
  • The oven is then heated at about 200 Celsius degrees and the rolls will be baked after 30 minutes


The only problem with homemade bread is that it’s so quickly gone!


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