Photos From Copenhagen May 1945

A good friend of mine has let me have a lot of photos from the celebration of the liberation in Copenhagen after five years of German occupation. She herself was 10 months old and is taken around in a white pram or baby carriage with her six-year older brother close to where they lived in Amager, an island in connection with Copenhagen. Their father Gunner Johansen has taken these photos that  ought to be shared. Both her parents were good amateur photographers.

At the 12 of May 1945 Montgomery came to Copenhagen and drove in cortege through the city of Copenhagen flanked by four of his men on motorbikes. His men had been fighting in Africa and in Italy and my mother became deeply involved with one of them. Crowds came to greet them.


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Situations from the harbor at the days of liberation





Our old king Christian IX was very popular and on 9 May he re-opened our parliament and was celebrated.

During the war he used to ride through the streets of Copenhagen daily as if everything was still normal. On the first picture here beneath from a street in Copenhagen you can see his portrait hanging on a wall besides a Stars and Stripes flag. The wooden soldiers are made in honor of the king. Here pictures from the center of Copenhagen.


My friend’s brother is meeting resistance fighters and later watching an air plane show  in the summer of 1945

 Other pictures from the same photographer during the wartime are here.

All photos ©Gunner Johansen


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