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Stars and Stripes from Pixabay Public Domain

Inspiration from the blogs I follow

The writer behind the blog “Light Room” says following in a poem. She might be excited about the new area that comes with president Trump.

unimaginable change
like sudden snow-melt
muttered possibilities
as though we stood on mountains
and could see for miles

I have other bloggers “The Happy Quitter” I follow who seem desperate for the changes. She has a humorous and sad post on this subject.

There is just no way around. We have to set our clocks back here in the U.S. and this time it’s not going to be just one hour. No, we will be setting it back by years.

I would recommend a setting between 1955 – 1965, that should throw us back far enough and further torture won’t be needed.

That reminds me of the young journalists on a private Christian News Media platform “Revelation in the news” on the Jim Bakker show. He has a program where the young host Zach Drew reads from his two year’s old blog post on the way the Democratic Party started its agenda via establishing News Medias around the country to promote their beliefs from about 1825 and until the Civil war. They only reported news as they wanted them by never mentioning the slavery and people were paid to become politicians for the Democratic Party.

People got tired of not getting the real news and after the Civil war news media became more objective again until the mid-1950s.

Marie Griffith, another blogger posts on God’s healing power regarding all kinds of hurts. She collects seashells at the beach, and even the broken pieces can be turned into something beautiful.


Who am I to dare write about the election of the American president living in Denmark far away from the United States of America?

The U.S. president has a significant impact on all of us, and in addition to this, I see it as a spiritual matter.

As a Christian, I am convinced that the way we treat Israel and the weakest among us has a considerable influence on the destiny of our countries. President Trump is for Israel and for the unborn babies and for the “forgotten people”.

President Trump is preparing to withdraw the payment for the U.N. in all the areas where they go against the small country of Israel as well as the Planned Parenthood where unborn babies are aborted right up to the term of birth.

He will watch over the country’s security situation by vetting people who come from individual countries with inadequate security procedures.

A country without borders is not a country.

Even those who believe in “open borders” lock their door at night.

That is also said in the Bible, and it’s very logic when you look at history.

Here is an article from Breitbart on the few privileged people like Mark Zuckerberg teaching the rest on the “right” opinions. By the way, he has a wall around his villa in Hawaii.


Why do we look so diametrically different at things?

Just now I am reading the book by Breitbart “Righteous Indignation”. Breitbart describes how he was brought up in a conservative home where his parents taught him Christian virtues like treating all people alike and with honour. As he grew up, he got influenced by left-winged people who thought nothing really mattered. Andrew Breitbart didn’t do much more than partying during college in New Orleans and returned to Los Angeles with low grades. He worked low paid jobs but felt more satisfied as he started to manage on his own. Little by little he got influenced by some radio speakers of Conservative observance while he was driving around at his job in L.A. Breitbart got involved with people who had just found the internet, and he then knew that the internet would be his destiny using that to war against lies in Media and corrupt politicians.

I haven’t read further on yet, but I am reminded of the word from the bible where Jesus says  from Mark 4:24

Take heed of what you hear

And He said to them, Be careful what you are hearing. The measure (of thought and study) you give to the truth you hear will be the measure of virtue and knowledge that comes back to you and more will be given to you who hear.

For many years what has been taught in schools, academia, seen in shows and in News Medias has been based on left-winged views. “The truth” of these opinions has sunk into generations since the youth revolution in the late 1960s. Truth based on the bible has been pushed out everywhere and have left Christians in no-mans land. A lot of Christians are so influenced by mainstream media that they hate the thought of Trump. They can’t believe he is a Christian with THAT lifestyle.

He has been bombarded with many attacks, and even if some of it is true, it’s like someone finds an ugly thing about you that took place many years ago and shows it on all platforms. President Trump nevertheless continues his program for restoration of the country economically, morally and on security matters.

We have become so accustomed to the rebellion that arose from the Flower Power Youth Revolution that many of us feel it’s the standard way of life. The left has pushed the boundaries so far now that even the most vulgar things are normal.

Good is called evil and evil is called good.

This way of life doesn’t bless anybody. Truth is regarded as non-existent, and many are hurting because of this significant decay.

Many Trump voters didn’t tell anybody about it as so much bullying against Trump fans has taken place, and I hear that it is still so in many workplaces. Just too bad!

Vast groups of Christians have been praying intensively for the election and for the country to heal and the work is not finished yet. So much healing is needed to reunite friends and family and diverse groups.

What has inspired me in this election

The Hannity show at Fox News Sean Hannity has stood in solidarity with Mr Trump all the way, and not long ago he had an hour’s interview with Julian Assange from his hiding place at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he assured that the Russians didn’t hack the election.

Lance Wallnau’s teachings, Periscope videos and his book “God’s Chaos Candidate.”

This book tells the story of how Dr Lance Wallnau, a preacher and teacher and businessman got involved with supporting the candidacy of Trump a year before he was elected. Lance Wallnau got the impression from the Holy Spirit that Trump was like the Cyrus described in Isaiah 45 as he would be the 45th president. That led him to write the book that was released just a month before the election. Lance Wallnau is preparing to extend it with another chapter on the Chaos Presidency. Lance Wallnau can be followed on Facebook.

The Jay Sekulow Show or radio broadcast. Jay Sekulow is an American Jewish Christian attorney and author. You can read his story here.

The Charisma Magazine Christian articles on many topics.

“Revelation in the news” on the Jim Bakker show has a program where the young host Zach Drew reads from a blog post he did two years ago on the way the Democratic Party started its agenda via establishing News Medias around the country to promote their beliefs from about 1825 and until the Civil war. They only reported news as they wanted them by never mentioning the slavery. People got tired of not getting the real news and after the Civil war News Medias became more objective again until the mid-1950s.


Stars and Stripes from Pixabay Public Domain



A few bloggers I know of are Pro- Trump as I am.

Dianna Marshall on The Marshall Report. And Mario Murillo Ministries Thank you to both of you.

I know I am going to offend some of you by writing this. I am sorry for that I just felt that I have to be honest about my beliefs on these subjects and tell you that I have been engaged in this election from a distance as the American President influences the whole world. I want to let you know that I love you.

I am encouraged as I think President Trump is not just speaking like a politician, but he is doing something new for a real change for the benefit of many.