The Daffodils

Today I saw the first daffodil on my running trail. I know it is seen earlier in milder areas but I was touched when spotting it here in Denmark in my neighborhood today.




My thoughts wandered to the great British Romantic poet William Wordsworth (7 April 1770 – 23 April 1850)  who wrote about the daffodils in 1802 in his poem “I Wandered lonely as a Cloud”.

Since I was a teenager I wanted to visit the Lake District where the poet wrote his poetry in daylight. During the Napoleon wars a heavy tax was put on the British people to be able to afford the war. The tax was called “Day light robbery” as people had to pay tax for each window they had in their houses. The consequence was that windows were covered so only very little daylight was allowed into the houses.

When I was eleven years old in 1962 my mother’s friend from Manchester with her family came to visit us in Copenhagen for the first time since they met in 1946 in London. One of her sons was only ten years old and one unforgettable evening he recited poetry. I had a small book for collecting poems and he wrote the first verse of this poem by Wordsworth in my book. He and his one year older brother attended a grammar school and were years ahead of us.

Wordsworths the daffodils by JB-1

Daffodils written by heart by my then ten-year old British friend John


In 2007 I was able for the first time to visit the Lake District which I had heard so much about from John’s mother whom I later stayed with in my youth.

Wordsworths the Dove

Wordsworth’s Dove cottage in the Lake District


Dove Cottage Grasmere Cumbria-1

Dove Cottage Grasmere Cumbria


Dove Cottage Grasmere Cumbria



  1. You are lucky to have visited the Lake District, I should be ashamed as an English woman I have always wanted to go there but never been, one day perhaps. Daffodils are so beautiful, mine in the Garden have been out now for several weeks and will not last much longer. My Red/white and Pink Camellias are out and I think perhaps it is too early, but right now what I love most of all are my two Cherry Trees I have, I just adore looking at them and the Blossoms. Enjoyed your more than interesting blog, but then I always do. You take care poppet and long to hear more from you. Love, Anna.

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    • You are always so encouraging Anna. Imagine that you have blossoming cherry trees now. They are so beautiful. We will have to wait a month for that in Denmark. It’s not too late for you to go to the Lakes. Only remember the right clothes!


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