The Passion

It has often bothered me that Jesus was crucified on Good Friday and risen on Easter Sunday. It seemed too short a time as He Himself had said that His death and resurrection should be compared to Jonah’s time in the whale.

Matthew  12:40: In three days and three nights Jonah was in the whale’s belly and Jesus would be in the heart of the earth.

abstract-2131314_1920 Pixabay

abstract-2131314_1920 Pixabay

The other day I found an article in “Now the End Begins” on this issue explaining that the events about Jesus’ Crucifixion and resurrection from the dead followed the Jewish calendar. Everything fell into its place for me. I have a feeling that as we come closer to the end times the Christians will get more understanding of the Jews’ calendar and begin to cherish and value the Jewish celebrations.

Jesus was crucified on the Wednesday morning and buried at sunset before the great Passover day then He was the three days and nights in the grave and rose at the end of the Sabbath. On Sunday He had already risen when the women came to the grave. I find it strange that this has not been taught by Christians.

He was the perfect lamb offering that was given for our sins and infirmities and was slaughtered on that holy day of The Lord’s Passover initiated when Moses was about to lead his people out of Egypt in haste. The people had been slaves for four hundred years but now after that meal they were leaving as free people.  Exodus 12

verse 13:

The blood shall be a token or sign to you upon the doorposts of the houses where you are, that when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and no plague shall be upon you to destroy you when I smite the land of Egypt.

cross-918459_1920 unsplash

cross-918459_1920 unsplash

I am so thankful that Jesus died for my sins and shortcomings


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