How to BEST fight the good fight!

equestrian, Henri IV, Henry 4th, Paris, Statue

Recently I found myself going back to a very well-known passage of scripture. As soon as the passage came to mind, however, it was followed by a second thought: “I already know what I’ll find.” We think that because it’s a familiar passage, it‘s less able to teach us something new. That’s rarely the case when we’re honestly reading the […]

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George Whitfield

Few remember George Whitfield (1714-1770) but the expression “One Nation Under God” is his quote as he, as a young British preacher and missionary travelled from England to America in the 1740s. At the time a sea travel across the Atlantic ocean was a long and dangerous trip in small boats. He wished to unite the new colonies and a […]

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Lance Wallnau, My Online Pastor

What a rich flow of spiritual education to be found via Dr Lance Wallnau’s homepages. Lance teaches on business and entrepreneur issues but just as much in how to increase in your calling whatever that might be. Lance is a Christian with Jewish background educated in theology and economy.  He has many platforms. Periscope attached to Twitter is the social […]

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Created in His Image

Triathlete, Simon Whitfield, Flag Bearer, Canada, 2012 Olympics

  You’ve heard it and so have I, “If God is God, why is there so much ________ in the world?” You’ve also likely heard one of the common responses… “Because of man’s choice.”, “Because man is sinful.”  or “Because of sin in the world.” There are a number of similar responses, and neither are necessarily wrong, but I read something […]

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Excessive, Extravagant Worship

I have just finished reading through 1 Kings 8 in my morning quiet time and was struck by the way in which King Solomon proceeded to dedicate the temple he’d just finished building in Jerusalem… Prayer His dedication prayer was that this place, the temple, would be a place where people could come and connect with God. His prayer covered a number of different human circumstances: When anyone had wronged their neighbour and fellowship was broken (v.31) When Israel had been defeated and the nation was hurting (v.33) When drought came, threatening livelihoods and food supply (v.35) When they were struck with famine or plague, or when and enemy had them backed in a corner (v.37) When a foreigner came because they’d heard about God and wanted to know him… no one need be excluded. (v.41) When the people were unable to be physically present… but their heart was turned toward their “church” (v.44) … and finally When anyone sinned against God, needed forgiveness and needed their relationship with Him restored, for – says Solomon – “there is no one who does not sin” (v. 46ff) There’s a place for each of us in Solomon’s prayer. We may not be experiencing national tragedy, but we may have a broken relationship, for example. At the very least, and if we were honest with ourselves, there is probably an area of our relationship with God that needs restoration even today! I know that’s my […]

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In Him

Since I became a Christian in 1974 I have treasured my time with the Lord. I am sure though that I could have been more transformed had I spent the private time more efficiently. In 1977 I took part in a youth conference with an organisation called “The Navigators”in Essen West Germany. We were maybe 3000 people camping in one […]

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