Sometimes I go to “Daily Prompts” for inspiration. The word “Fragrance” puts me back to my childhood. My parents bought a modest small wooden summer-house with the hope of being able to build a proper house later. I can’t remember the sight of the sweet peas from my early childhood there but I remember the smell. They must have been there in our garden.

Sweet peas behind the veranda

Sweet peas are seen behind me at the veranda at my parents’ home in 1955. I am four years old 



Sweet peas from my garden this year

Last year and this summer we got them here in our garden. I realised that I had a longing for having them near me again. The smell is still the same and it’s like the most expensive perfume.

One of my fellow bloggers  Chris who writes about healthy homemade juices  had a post of sweet peas in July and she told us that these flowers and the beautiful smell reminded her of her young brother who died during July many years ago. He also loved these flowers. For Chris, the many coloured flowers forever remind her of her beloved brother who died way too young. The following quote from Chris’ blog “Pearsnotparsnips“:

I cut some sweet peas every year and bring them into the house for him. They are fragile, colourful and last only a short time, but they have a strong impact while they bloom and few are unaffected by their appearance.

I got to know her through Bernadette’s Senior Salon, a platform gathering our varied blogs. At this blog, we are reminded of reading each other’s posts as a condition for posting our own posts there. That’s what blogging is about, not just showing your blog like a “one man show”.

Bernadette lost her son this year in May and the Senior Salon has been put on pause. I have other good online friends via Bernadette’s Salon like British Clive who in his blog “Take it Easy” focuses on Mental Health. Clive is always very encouraging to me in his comments and takes his time to read my posts.

These things from nature, flowers and fragrances can bring joy in sadness for the loss of childhood or even loss of loved ones. The beauty of nature is still there through generations.


  1. Lovely words as ever, Maria. And thank you for referencing me in the company of wonderful bloggers like Bernadette and Chris. Also for reminding me what my blog started out to do – I’ve strayed a bit!


  2. Fragrances and odors can so often bring back memories of our childhood. I was born on an island, fishing town, and low tide was something you never forget. If I smell anything similar, I immediately say, “Uh-oh, low tide on Broad Channel!” It’s not a good smell, but it makes me smile! I’m glad you have the scent of sweet peas as your trigger.

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  3. Oh Maria, this was a lovely post but such a shock, I couldn’t respond last night when I read it, I was in tears, it was so unexpected. Such a moving and well-written, heartfelt post, thank you for your kind words and for linking to my post. That last line just came out of my fingertips. I had no idea I was going to write it.
    I am so pleased you now have your own sweetpeas. Fragrance/scent/smell is so evocative. So many smells take us back to our childhood and to significant events in our lives. 💜

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    • I am so glad I could encourage you with my post. When I started I felt this is such a small thing to write about certain flowers but I knew I should remember your brother when I got into it. Then when I had finished and was on a gymnastic exercise I knew that this old photo from my early childhood had the flowers as a background. Another thing is that all your birthdays in July is such an emotional thing to cope with when your brother died in July.

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  4. I always remember my mother whenever I see Rhododendron. I remember because when I was young I pruned it for her – she was in a wheel chair and couldn’t do it herself. But I cut too much off the bush and it didn’t flower for two years. She missed the flower those years.. It was just outside the kitchen window.


  5. Lovely post & lovely photos, Maria – and you are so wonderful to acknowledge Bernadette, Chris and Clive. You are so right that developing community is the best part of blogging. Glad you are part of mine.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”


  6. Very correct to point that flowers and smells from nature are always there to bring back the memories. Those memories could be very close to your heart. Man made fragrances can only imitate but the true nature you can experience with nature and its beauty only. The post is touching and I enjoyed reading. Thank you Maria, keep up the good work.

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