Celebrating Independence Day at Mount Vernon

July 4 seen through Scandinavian eyes

A year has nearly past since that memorable day last year where our newly found relatives took us, a Danish couple to celebrate Fourth of July with them at Mount Vernon, Washington’s treasured estate in Virginia. This country estate on the Potomac River was George Washington’s home for 45 years.

All my photos have a text on them if you would like to click on them.


Without his victory in the long war for independence from the British king, The Declaration of Independence from 1776 would not have survived. It was created in secrecy during the Revolutionary War (1775-1781). Now back to the July Fourth Celebration at Mount Vernon.

People entered in long lines, many clad in blue, red and white and mixed with the many in authentic clothes from Washington’s period. About 150 persons from all over the globe went through a neutralisation ceremony during which musicians performed the National Anthem. I was touched and stood by with a hand on my heart, wishing it was me.


We lined up for a walk through the Washington rooms at the estate; unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos. On the ground, we saw the buildings around the estate used for cultivating the soil, for spinning cloths and stables for the animals. It was all made alive by the men, women and children in clothing from the time and revolutionary soldiers in the blue and white uniforms. None of them had modern water bottles; cell phones were not visible. The weather was sweltering, and the actors wore a lot more clothes than we did.


Our trip ended with a visit to George Washington’s modest grave a short walk from the estate.



  1. Thanks for sharing this nice post. It is always nice to think back on events from our American history.


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