Summer pictures from Funen in Denmark

Odense in Funen is the city of Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875). On our way to an annual Chamber Music Festival in Middelfart, another place on Funen we had a look in the old part of Odense. The museum for H.C. Andersen is worth a visit at another time.



The Hindsgavl Festival is held through many years in an old royal estate, now belongs to our State. The famous fairytale poet occasionally stayed there as well as at many other places to entertain the children and write his tales.

The Hindsgavl Estate

The food is excellent, and the musicians are world-class.

The area around the old Lillebaelt Bridge. It was built during the depression in the 1930s and connected Jutland and Funen for the first time.

We stayed one night at another hotel nearby called “Kongebrogaarden” at the old Lillebaelt Bridge. A place worth a visit. Like at Hindsgavl the staff was very kind.


  1. Wonderful photos, Maria. I was pleased to see the last one greatly resembled the coastline of New England. Henry certainly certainly looks quite commanding by that cannon. I love the style of the old Odense building.

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