Looking at Architecture on a Trip to San Francisco

It’s enjoyable to look at the different styles of historic architecture when travelling. It seems so different from our minimalistic style in Denmark though before WWI we had more beautiful buildings.

I have ordered a book on American architecture to help me recognise the style in which the houses are built. When I receive the book, I will return with more knowledge. I do understand the inspiration comes from Europe, the Old World and Mexico. When I can tell the style, I will do that. I find it very different from ours in Denmark.

Cow Hollow/ Union Street

This former farmer area was not affected by the 1906 earthquake and fire, and some of the Victorian houses from the 1860s are still standing. Today the straight parts of the street is a fashionable shopping area for unique boutiques.

Cudworth Mansion Union Street, a historic building

Cudworth Mansion Union Street, a historic building. James Cudworth had “The Twin Wedding Houses” built for his daughters

Union St Cow Hollow

Union St Cow Hollow. “Twin Wedding Houses”. Wedding presents for James Cudworth’s daughters

The Octagon House Union Street, a historic building

“The Octagon House” on Union Street, a historic building

Union Street, Cow Hollow

Union Street, Cow Hollow

Union Street  Cow Hollow

Union Street, Cow Hollow. A close up of the former house


Fillmore and Pacific Heights

Fillmore is known for its music scenes and unique shops and cafes. We found it by chance as we had taken a bus in the wrong direction to the Golden Gate Park. We soon found it was worth it to explore.




Lombard Street


Everywhere we went, people are trying to preserve historic buildings. They won’t all be pulled down, or maybe turned into parking lots or changed for new buildings that all look alike. Please let me know if any of you readers know about the architectural styles. 


I will follow up with posts from Seattle and Portland on the same subject-


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