Pictures from Portland, Oregon

A hundred years ago, some of my husband’s relatives immigrated to the United States of America. Some of them came to live in Oregon. This summer of 2019, we met with his third cousin, who lives there as a winemaker. 

We felt at home wherever we went, and the knowledge of many Scandinavian people had had an impact on both Oregon and Washington State gave us a feeling of belonging.

In another post on the same journey, I shared pictures on architecture that are so different from our Scandinavian style. In Portland, Oregon, I found some houses similar to Swedish wooden houses.

From Newberg, Oregon

A house near Washington Park in Oregon

A house from Newberg, Oregon. The wooden building and carved ornament under the roof are similar to a Swedish style.

I mentioned in a post on architecture that I would try to name the kind of styles that I have seen. Even though I bought a book on the subject, I am not able to tell you the exact name.

From the area around Washington Park, Portland, Oregon


From Scandinavian Club outside of Portland

The modern Scandinavian centre is made in a minimalistic style, typical for Denmark. The small red wooden house is typical Swedish.

Houses and businesses from Kerns, an area in Portland


From downtown Portland, Oregon


  1. I too met a long lost relative in Oregon last year. In a small town called Boring! Your Swedish house reminds me of my friend’s in a small seaside community north of Stockholm. You could see across to Finland on a clear day. And in Denmark I used to stay on a friend’s dairy farm in Nyborg. A typical U shape, with the cows stabled in one of the legs.

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    • Thank you for your interesting comments. I am glad to hear that you have been to Denmark. Funen is a very charming Island. I live in a Swedish wooden house as I stayed five years in Uppsala north of Stockholm for five years in the 1990s. Coming back to Denmark I missed the style, and we built the house

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