The Corona Situation at our part of the World

Like so many other countries we have been in a lockdown situation since March 11. Slowly things are going back to normal now, and I sense a feeling of relief among people in the streets.

We in Denmark were never required to wear a mask or forced to stay inside which I am very thankful for. The first weeks of lockdown were a unique experience. Families with children in all ages walked or went by bike at all times a day. We entered grocery stores with our hearts in our throats insecure of how to behave regarding keeping distances to each other and queuing for disinfection of hands. We walked around awkwardly to avoid close contact at the milk counter.

City centres and department stores were all closed, whereas big handyman shops and gardening venues were bustling.  During these months, my husband and I have done a lot of tidying and renovation work in our home. Most of the curtains have been changed, which is a great joy for me. Yesterday a flag post was ordered. Our flag had 800th-anniversary last year, so our flag will be a special edition of that original flag. In Denmark, we have rules for how to use the flag. It has to be taken down before it becomes dark. At our small end of a road, we put a banner out on everyone’s birthday. There will be many other occasions to raise our flag like on our National Day, the Queen’s birthday and at Veterans’ Day and Liberation Day,  May 5.


This week I have noticed that even very elderly people appear in the pavements and on paths and shops. People dare to pass each other at bit closer than before.

Next week the oldest school students will be allowed to start at school again, and from after the summer, the fitness centres and sports venues will be open.

My husband and I have not suffered during this time. We have missed travels for three half-marathon running races and a classical music festival. Spring is here, and summer is fast approaching with flowers and green leaves and long light evenings.

In comparison to those who have lost their jobs or businesses, we are doing fine. The elderly have been very much on their own at nursing homes, and some died alone.

The youngest children started at kindergarten after Easter but with many restrictions. They couldn’t play where they wanted or with whom they wanted. Coloured tape divides the spaces where they can stay.

I wonder what other threat could take away our rights to assemble in the future? What about asking questions on why small and more significant businesses had to close down? Why are the warning signs about the COVID-19 so alike all over the place? Why were healthy people in some countries forced to stay inside and being deprived of sunshine and fresh air? Why is a cheap and unpatented cure suppressed in the media and by Big Pharma?

I hope the cure will not be worse than the virus.


  1. People here still got fresh air and sunshine while walking their dogs, out on the porch or talking exercise walking or running around the neighborhood. The healthy are secluded as well as the sick so that they will stay healthy. We have started opening up, but I fear too early. A new spike in new Florida cases has already happened.

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  2. Those flower pictures are lovely, and a sight for sore eyes since I haven’t been able to go out much! Our lockdown is starting to loosen just a little bit, but we’re taking it very slow here in California, things probably won’t be really let out until much later this summer.


    • I am so glad my husband and I managed to visit California last summer, and it saddens me that you are not allowed to go wherever you want to in nature. to be outside in the sun is healing

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