Remember a Young Danish Resistance Fighter

Kim Malthe-Brun 1923-1945

Kim Malthe-Brun 1923-1945

Kim Malthe-Brun was executed a month before the liberation of Denmark. Today, 80 years after we in Denmark celebrate the end of the German occupation. He was only 21 years old when he died. As a sailor he helped transport weapon and people illegally to Sweden.

He wrote farewell letters to his mother and his girlfriend where he asked them not to let his death ruin their lives. He was calm and leaned on his faith in God. The German commander who signed his death penalty managed to avoid persecution.

This past week there would have been a memorial at the burial place for the many freedom fighters and policemen who died in concentration camps. A big concert in the famous Holmens Church in Copenhagen scheduled to May 6, was also cancelled.

We regained our freedom 75  years ago and we couldn’t celebrate this great memory of these brave people who gave their lives for us.

“Spring came and Denmark was freed”





    • Wow, thank you so much for your kind comment. I would have explained a lot more, but his farewell letters were difficult to explain. His illegal work is more or less hidden as it was essential to keep it that way. He seemed to be highly gifted and far beyond his young age in character and knowledge. We have a book with his diary and letters collected and published by his mother in 1947

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  1. It is very sad to not only lose these brave men, but this awful disease delaying their memorial. But – we can each mourn and honor them in own way until we can once again go out in public.

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