A glimpse into the Danish WWII War Memorial Cemetery


Ryvangen Mindelund

A short follow up from the last two posts for the memory of our lost young resistance members in Denmark who helped us to save face and become part of the Western Allies. My husband Henry and I went to Copenhagen this past D-Day weekend.

The new memorial for the lost Danish seamen during WWII

The new memorial for the lost Danish seamen during WWII

This new granite memorial has been erected at the cemetery commemorating the many lost seamen. It honers the one thousand Danish seamen who died taking part in allied missions at sea who met their graves in the ocean after being torpedoed.

At this same place, the freedom fighters and many others who lost their lives during WWII found their last resting place.

I managed to find the graves of the three friends of Kim Malthe-Brun among the many large tombstones at the central part of the memorial site.

Close by at the coast of Oresund many Danish Jews, freedom fighters and some Allied airmen had to be evacuated to neutral Sweden. A memorial stone is erected to help us remember those who lost their lives on the route to Sweden during the war.


  1. Whoever did that black granite memorial has looked down into the inky depths of the oceans that these men now have for a resting place.
    I have commended you, Henry and your country for their remembrance of the war and please know now I still feel the same.

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    • Thank you so much. We also liked the artist’s interpretation of the dire subject. His name is Arnoldi and known for very colourful paintings. This granite piece full of small wawes is impressive and in its simplicity. The seamen knew how dangerous it was on the sea as the Germans had submarines so many places

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