A New Bicycle in Retro Style


When I was young and lived ten kilometres outside of Copenhagen, I loved to go to the city. I felt independent by being able to do that, and the transportation was free. I have always owned a bicycle, but for the last many years, I have not found it comfortable. I didn’t sit well or my shoulders hurt. While running in Copenhagen this past winter visiting my son and his family, I passed by a bicycle shop with exceptional bicycles in retro fashion. I had the location from a picture on my iPhone and later found the shop on the internet. As soon as we were able to go after the travel restrictions were finally cancelled, I reached the shop shortly before closing time. The shop is tiny, so most of the communication with the customers took place on the pavement. The shop owner immediately said:

You have to try it for a long ride!

I set off, and I knew at once that I had found the type of bicycle that would bring back the joy from my youth of going by bike. The shop-owner had figured out that I was a severe buyer travelling from Jutland to try one of his Bike by Gubi models.

The leather saddle

The leather saddle

the handlebars

the handlebars

Detail with the lamp in retro-style

Detail with the lamp in retro-style

The crank and pedals on the bike

The crank and pedals on the bike


They told me that it was designed and produced in Denmark by a bicycle enthusiast who wanted to combine design and strength and speed. The steel used for the “Bike by Gubi” is the same as was used in the racer bikes from about forty years ago.  Many people in my age use electric bicycles, but I think it’s far better to use your own energy.  A big thank you to my husband Henry who bought in on the spot. Hopefully, we will go to many beautiful in Denmark places from youth hostel to youth hostel.

It’s faster and a lot lighter than any other bike I have owned.

From the first trip with the bike

From the first trip on the bike

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  1. I used to ride a lot in my youth, and even now, I want to get on a bike. Whether this would be sensible at 76 is probably something I shouldn’t find out!
    That bike looks amazing, so comfortable!


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