Visit my Garden in June

A few winters ago my roses nearly died. Many did die but my husband took good care of the few surviving ones and now they have recovered. Together with the white jasmine bushes they give me much joy.

My “New Dawn” roses


“Astrid Lindgren” roses, Jasmine bushes

I am also grateful to be able to have a house and a garden. Many years ago I needed a place to stay and I prayed to get a flat with views to a garden or just green trees. I got a room with a window with view to green trees and ever since I have never lived anywhere without a lot of green.

The area in Denmark where I live don’t have so much sunshine as many other places in my country. I should have known that 22 years ago when I moved to Herning. I prefer to take pictures in sunshine so in many of the gray and windy days I don’t take pictures

My “New Dawn” at evening


 So God has been faithful to me


  1. I am so pleased for you that some of your roses survived. My father-in-law grew roses but I am not fond of them. I love your jasmine though 😊 Gardens are really uplifting, aren’t they? I couldn’t be without mine either.


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