Display of Old Toys in a Private Home

I am allowed to show you photos of a good friend’s home. We got to know each other via social media, and our friendship has grown over the years because of our love for old toys and things from the 1950s. Her grandfather, Viggo Einfeldt, was the architect of a much loved “Juno bed” for small children in the 1940s and 1950s. I believe that my friend has inherited her skills for beauty from him.


 Every tableau shows items from the same time period. Nothing is randomly collected, nor the choice of color. The stove is a detail from the last photo.

A view back to the fifties on the second floor

Humorous details break the idyllic scenes from the past. The doll leaning out has a large lollipop in the pram. The other doll wears the hat on top of his head. The checked dress on the mannequin was the kind that I so much would have treasured to own as a nine-year-old girl.  

A display of blue enamel kitchenware doll sizes and for normal use 

Beneath two alike iron stoves with matching baskets with firewood

At last, a small dollhouse bathroom and a collection of Tekno fire engines.

A big thank you to my friend Dorthe to have let me show my blogging followers some of her displays. Her blog is in Danish and shows some of her collections in more detail.


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