Looking Back to the Spanish Flu

A hundred years ago, the Spanish Flu ran wild all over the world. WWI meant restrictions on free speech, and as Spain was not involved in the war and wrote about it, the disease was named “the Spanish Flu.”

Young people and children died in a few days from this horrible infection. Parents lost children, and children lost their parents on a huge scale. It became a custom in Copenhagen to put Christmas trees on children’s graves at Christmas.

Photo by Damgaard. Politikken from Western Graveyard in Copenhagen

I recently read that masks then were mandated in many places and that those who wore the masks died in a greater number due to bacterial pneumonia.

Here is a link to an article from 2008 by Dr. Fauci and others. Wearing of masks is maybe not mentioned, but deaths by bacteria are.   

The data about that is hidden far away since the mandates for wearing masks seem to be so popular among most governments. 

Here in Denmark, the grip on people’s rights has tightened the last months so that we now have to wear masks in shops and nearly everywhere else. I got a heavy heart watching law-abiding young parents in masks carrying their awake infant the other day in Ikea.

What would it be to be that little one? Every woke second; babies use impressions from their sight to collect knowledge about their parents’ mood and attention. When only seeing the eyes, they don’t get in all they need to understand and feel safe. 

The sound from the masked parents’ voices is slurred, making it less interesting for small children to listen to them.   

What a theft, and what consequences are we going to harvest for that in the future?


  1. What a mishandled travesty this whole Covid fiasco has been! I blame fauci and many democrats who fed President Trump a load of bad advice, maybe even intentionally. I pray Mr Trump is re-elected.

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    • I agree. Fauci knew well about a perfect cure for Covid but ’forgot’ about it. He has to be bought by Big Pharma and the WH. President Trump’s victory will also help us in the rest of the world when theses scumbags’ agenda gets revealed


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